A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Friday, October 29, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Event in Lahore - Photos

SharePoint 2010 Event in Lahore Photos:


Presenting in Lahore

SharePoint 2010 presentation

I presented at an event in Lahore today. The audience was just too great.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Reminder: I am presenting "SharePoint 2010 for Communities" today at ROCS

Just a friendly reminder that I am presenting "SharePoint 2010 for communities" today at 1st Riyadh Online Community Summit. The session starts in 1.5 hours. If you have not registered yet, please do so now. The URL is:


We will give away a free MSDN subscription at the end of the event. The first two people who will ask questions at the end of my presentation will get a free membership for a SharePoint 2010 site.

Monday, October 18, 2010

1st Riyadh Online Community Summit - Oct 21 and 22

Register today to hear excellent speakers that would speak on some very interesting topics. 1st Riyadh Online Community Summit consists of rich knowledge filled content.


Welcome to First Riyadh Online Community Summit.

Riyadh SharePoint User Group, DevLifeStyle, Windows Phone Middle East, SQLPath, Community Leads from Riyadh and MVPs from all around the world are pleased to announce the the first Riyadh Online Community Summit being held on October 21-22, 2010.

The event will cover a wide array of topics ranging from Client to Mobile Programming, Database Development and Administration, all the way to SharePoint Collaboration and Systems Integration.

Please note that this is an ONLINE TWO Day Event.

Webinar Registeration Link:


The timings below are KSA Time (GMT +3)

We will be giving away 1 MSDN Subscriptions with Visual Studio 2010 at the end of everyday (Worth 12K USD).

Agenda Day 1 (21 October 2010 : 1 PM to 6 PM)
Session Time Speaker
Connecting Systems with WCF: The Basics 1:00 PM Halabi
Developing Applications with Silverlight 4.0 2:00 PM Mossalem
SQL Server Tips and Tricks, Real cases with developers 3:00 PM Nabeel
What vs How:Functional Programming Introduction 4:00 PM Ahmed
Building Composite Applications using SharePoint Designer 2010 5:00 PM Muhanad
Agenda Day 2 (22 October 2010 : 1 PM to 6 PM)
Session Time Speaker
SharePoint 2010 Communities 1:00 PM Saif
SharePoint 2010 Document Management Hands On 2:00 PM Jerry
Windows Phone 7: 0 to 60 in no Time 3:00 PM Adel
Animating Business In Blend 4:00 PM Joel
Software Design Principles 5:00 PM Hammad
* Details Below.s


Adel El Zubeir
Sr. Developer and Community Lead Windows Phone Middle East
Adil is Sr. Developer and currently working as Consultant. Adel gained strong knowledge in Windows Mobile since he got his first Windows device. Adel is currently the founder of the new "Windows Phone Middle East" Community, Windows Mobile Power Group on Facebook; to spread out his knowledge on mobility.

Ahmed El Shrief
Community Contributer Saudi
IT Project Manager and Technical Consultant. Developing for Windows, Mac and Linux for more than 15 years. He is community voluntter and regulary speaks at Various Microsoft Technical Communities in Saudi Arabia.

Saifullah Shafiq
SharePoint MVP
Saifullah Shafiq is a blogger, author and technology consultant. He provides SharePoint consultancy to the clients on the East coast of the US. Saifullah maintains a SharePoint blog that is read all over the world, whereever there are people who work in the SharePoint technology. Saifullah has also authored books and has been writing technical articles since 1999. Saifullah was first awarded SharePoint MVP status in 2007 and has maintained the status since then.

Hammad Raoub
Microsoft MVP
Connected System Developer MVP for last 6 years as well as a privileged member of Microsoft's Business Platform Technology Advisors (previously Connected System Advisory board). My areas of interest include Enterprise Architecture, Highly Scalable Computing, SOA, .NET, Design Patterns and Quantum Computation. I have presented at various international conferences on Architecture, Design and Software Development. I am a published author, a geek, father of beautiful twin girls and a husband. I have been involved with various technical communities in Middle East, Singapore and Pakistan. I have also conducted courses at Dept. Of Computer Science, University of Karachi and PAF KIET as a visiting faculty member.

Jerry Yasir
SharePoint MVP - RSUG Founder, SharePoint Consultant at EJADA
Jerry is SharePoint Server MVP, Trainer, Founder of Riyadh SharePoint User Group (RSUG.NET), Co-Owner of SharePoint Pakistan User Group and Sr. SharePoint Consultant at EJADA, Saudi Arabia. RSUG is one of the biggest SharePoint Community in Saudi Arabia with over 1500 Members. He holds a Master degree in Computer Sciences and has over 8 Years of experience working in Microsoft Technologies including SharePoint, Microsoft .NET and Project Server. He is a regular speaker at Microsoft events and community related events around the world. He is currently responsible of developing and managing many large scale SharePoint implementations in Saudi Arabia.
He is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and also holds MCPD, MCTIP and MCTS for SharePoint 2010 Admin and Development, and MCTS WSS 3.0 & SharePoint Server 2007, MCPD, MCITP (EPM 2007) and MCSD.NET
He can be found at @ http://jerryyasir.wordpress.com/

Joel Cochran
Expression Blend MVP
Joel Cochran is an Expression Blend MVP, an INETA Community Champion, and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Windows Forms and WPF. He has been developing in C# since 2003 and is a Blend fanatic and self-proclaimed "Blend Evangelist". A frequent speaker at User Groups and Code Camps, he enjoys teaching and writing about .NET and other topics.
You can find him online at http://www.developingfor.net or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/joelcochran.
Joel has served as the Director of Operations for Stonewall Technologies, Inc., an ISV, in Staunton, VA, since 2000.

Muhammad Halabi
DevLifeStyle Lead & Solution Architect
"Mohamad is a Microsoft MVP. He Works as a connected systems architect and has vast experience in Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework, BizTalk Server, WCF, and WF and has great interest in Cloud Computing and Windows Azure. He is frequent speaker in Microsoft events such as GDC 09 and Tech-Ed Dubai. He is also Devlifestyle community lead. You can reach him at http://thedotnethub.blogspot.com/"

Muhammad Mossalam
Mohamed Mosallem is a Development Lead based in Riyadh, he has been working with the .net Framework since it’s early beta in 2000, he is specialized in developing Enterprise .net Applications and Enterprise Applications Integration, Mohamed is a community board member and regular speaker at DevLifeStyle the first .net users group in Riyadh, he can be reached through his blog www.mosallem.com

Muhanad Omar
SharePoint MVP
Muhanad Omar is a consultant, trainer, international speaker and community advocate who helps organizations in the Middle East successfully develop, deploy and derive value from solutions built on SharePoint. Muhanad is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant for Devosis and specializes in architecture, deployment, administration and business adaption of SharePoint. Muhanad is a three-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for SharePoint Server, and the Founder and Leader of the Jordan SharePoint User Group.

Nabeel Derhem
DevLifeStyle & SQLPath Board Member
Nabeel Derhem is a Solution Architect & Consultant specializing in SQL Server with more than 11 years of experience. He is an MCT, MCITP, MCDBA, and MCSD with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration.
Consulted by numerous enterprises in the region, he is a frequent speaker in many local communities and Microsoft events. He is the founder of SQLPath community group.

Event Agenda Day 1
Opening Notes - MVPs & Community Leads 10 Minutes
Welcome note and Agenda and Review of the event.

Connecting Systems with WCF: The Basics (Level 200) - Halabi 1 Hour
This session will discuss the role of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in connecting systems. After an overview of WCF advantages and messaging basics, the session will show how WCF as a message communication mechanism combines with other connected systems technologies such as BizTalk, WF, MSMQ, and the .NET Service Bus to facilitate systems integrations.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of WCF, BizTalk, WF and .NET Services is a plus but not required as the session will tackle the basics.

Developing Applications with Silverlight 4.0 (Level 100) - Mosselam 1 Hour
New to Silverlight and looking for ways to build seamless, rich web experiences and line-of-business applications? This session is where you can start. We will cover how to get started building your first application. We’ll also highlight the capabilities and functionalities of Silverlight 4.0.

SQL Server Tips & Tricks, Real cases with developers - Nabeel (200) 1 Hour
Application developers do get the job done, but they usually don't know (or care) how SQL Server works, and this causes performance issues in the long run. This session is about introducing some of these concepts using real cases where developers misuse queries and features from SQL Server, and discussing alternative effective ways to handle them.

What vs How: Functional Progmg. Introduction(Level 100) - Ahmed 1 Hour
This can include the concepts behind functional programming with C# (LINQ, lambda expressions and anonymous methods), XAML and maybe a quick review of F#..

Building Composite Apps using SP Designer(Level 200) - Muhanad 1 Hour
In this demo-packed session, we’ll take a look at the various capabilities SharePoint Designer 2010 provides for building out composite applications for SharePoint 2010. Demos include working with the Data View Web Part, applying conditional formatting, and integrating data from various sources such as Twitter and Google Maps – all this without writing a line of code!

Event Agenda Day 2

SharePoint 2010 Communities (Level 200) - Saif 1 Hour
Description: SharePoint 2010 is a huge product that offers an array of features. In this session, I will talk about the features that empower the communities. I will talk about the new social media features introduced by the Microsoft. This includes tagging, bookmarking, people search, expertise search, blogs, wikis, etc.

Windows Phone 7: 0 to 60 in no Time (Level 100) - Adel 1 Hour
“If you want to start developing applications for Windows Phone 7 but don’t know where to start from, this session will help you to get on the track in no time.” It will also demonstrate how quickly you can develop, debug and deploy applications.

Animating Business in Blend (Level 200) - Joel 1 Hour
Discusses how to use animation to enhance line of business applications and demonstrates how to create and employ them in Blend. Topics will include Animations, Triggers, Events, and the Visual State Manager.

SharePoint 2010 - Document Management - (Level 100) - Jerry 1 Hour
In this session Jerry will provide hands on demo of the SharePoint 2010 document management features. This will include Document and Records Management, Content Type Syndications and Publishing, Document Sets, Metadata Navigation etc.

Software Design Principles (Level 100) - Hammad 1 Hour
In this session we are going to talk about how to tackle inherently complex nature of a software. I am going to show you 'most important principles, tools and techniques you can use to 'combat software entropy'. Together, we will gain an insight in to the heart of the software design. We will talk about the heuristics associated with the software design and architectural patterns and practices. Intended audience of this session in-general includes all the stake holders in software development process i.e. from Developer to Architect to Project and Program Manager and even CTOs and CIOs.
Note: Closing, Q / A and Raffle Draws will be made at the end of both days.

Webinar Registeration Link:


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you ready for the SharePoint event tomorrow? (for Lahore based readers)

Hi All,

Thanks to all who registered for the SharePoint event tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow at the event 1 PM sharp. It will be a fun filled, fully loaded with informatioin, interactive session and you are gonna enjoy it. We have gifts for you. Apart from books, T-shirts and DVDs, we will also give away a full licence of DXperience Enterprise software which is worth Rs.1,10,500/-. If you want to learn about DXperience Enterprise, visit following URL:


The product includes the following:

> WinForms Controls (over 100 controls)
> ASP.NET Ajax Controls (over 75 controls)
> WPF Controls (over 15 controls)
> Silverlight Controls (over 20 controls)

Howzat! See you tomorrow!



Event URL: http://sharepointpakistan.eventbrite.com

P.S. Only registered users will be allowed in the event. You are not eligible to attend if you are still on the waiting list.