A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Threats

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Threats

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, all organizations and businesses are susceptible to data breach. Companies have to update their security systems and improve their resilience in order to reduce such threats. In this blog, our major focus will be on those factors that are aiding the hackers to penetrate into systems. A number of technologies that we are currently using needs to be reviewed to combat the growing cyber threats. So, let’s head towards them!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Humans have made much progress in the past several years, steering everyone towards technological connectivity. This has also led to a fusion of the digital and physical world. Companies that are leveraging the power of AI and ML are well aware of their benefits in terms of decision making, problem solving and speech recognition etc. Given this, data synthesis and predictive analytics can give statistical conclusions to minimize risks. Automated cybersecurity systems can identify new attacks and you can send this data to the endpoint protection solutions to make your business operationally secure. However, do keep in mind that malpractitioners are using AI and ML for offensive cyber-attacks and phishing attacks. So, make sure your cyber defense system is strong and undefeatable.

Highly Advance Botnets

Botnets are a number of devices or computers that are connected through the internet and are a part of the system that is under the control of cyber criminals. In this situation owners remain unaware of the suspicious activities. Wi-Fi routers and web servers are used to infect machines with malware. Such PCs are not well protected by anti-virus software. With AI and ML these botnets can be automated to speed up hacking. The use of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) style and Bot as a Service is also increasing, threatening the businesses.


Ransomware attacks are another danger for organizations in which hackers use elusive malware. This criminal extortion tool encrypts the key files of a victim; therefore, they are unable to access their data. Later, the hacker promises to restore your system only if the demanded ransom is paid (often in the form of cryptocurrencies) to them by the owner. On average, the recovery time takes almost a week, despite the fact that companies have strong security.

All in all, Cybersecurity threats are surfacing like never before since bad actors are at work, fully equipped with the relevant tools and technologies. Organizations have to come up with a strong and resilient counter strategy to defeat them.


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

BERT versus GPT: Which AI model is the Best?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been extolled by businesses and individuals because of its immense capabilities. With this, BERT and ChatGPT came into competition and now both are striving for supremacy. Both of these chatbots are efficient at comprehending and generating human-like responses. The two are undeniably powerful in terms of performance, but it seems like users are lunging more towards ChatGPT since the release of its latest version. In this blog, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these two competitors. So, keep on reading!

ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 4

ChatGPT 3 is an AI model developed by OpenAI which helps individuals to perform a number of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks including language translation, answering queries and also summarizing text, but the input and output is limited to 3000 words. This model is trained on 570 gigabytes of Internet text and has 175 billion parameters. Its versatility allows it to adapt to changes in a conversation, no matter how complex the request is. This autoregressive language model is helping companies in code building, providing customer support, data analysis, creating website mockups, interpretation of different languages etc. Later, in this year OpenAI released an enhanced version called the GPT 4. This multimodal large language model has the ability to transform images into texts and interpret it. Since it is trained on 100 trillion parameters (i.e. books, Wikipedia and various other online resources) it can perform many complex tasks. Companies like Duolingo have already incorporated both these models in their operations and many of them are using it for app animations due to its precision, creativity and accuracy.


BERT, the acronym stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer. It is a product of Google that is best at performing sentiment analysis and helps in natural language understanding (NLU). This model has 340 million parameters and is pretrained on 2.500 million Wikipedia words and 800 million Book Corpus. Its feature of bi-directionality provides better understanding of the context. This tool is very useful for text generation, summarization and question answering. Through its mask language model (MLM) the meaning and context of hidden words can be predicted.

A Comparison

Both GPT and BERT are based on transformer architecture that has many layers. The main difference between the two is that GPT generates text in one direction (i.e. from left to right) because of its autoregressive transformer decoder. This means it predicts the next word on the basis of its relation with the previous word. While BERT processes in both directions for an accurate contextual understanding (i.e. right to left and left to right).

 In conclusion, both ChatGPT and BERT are invaluable NLP tools that are all set to revolutionize the world with their extensive capabilities. BERT is more suitable for tasks that require in-depth understanding of the context while GPT has an edge in text generation.

Monday, August 28, 2023

The Upcoming Solar-Electric Vehicles

Making the Future Pollution Free

Technological advancement has made individuals and companies more ecologically conscious. Traffic and vehicular pollution are escalating due to an increase in population and standard of living. Gas and petrol-powered vehicles have proved inefficient i.e. they are not just costly but also negatively impacts the environment. As a counter strategy, the world's renowned automotive companies, Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors, geared up to launch their solar charging vehicles to minimize the CO2 emission and improve mileage. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and features that Hyundai Group Motors is offering in their solar powered vehicles. 

A Step Towards Nature

Hyundai has introduced its first ever solar electric car known as Sonata Hybrid with a translucent solar roof to absorb the sun rays that will charge the vehicle. This new system comprises a solar panel, a battery and a controller, giving a green message to the public. With the help of photovoltaic cells, the solar energy is converted into electrical energy which is then stored inside the batteries. The 100W solar panel generates an energy of 100Wh in an hour. On an average, it will charge 30-60% of the battery per day, adding 3-4 miles to its range. However, it also depends on the weather and the environment where you drive. These features can enhance the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles as well.

While comparing it with competitors, some people argue that the transition between gas and electric is not seamless. Above that, such cars are fully optimal in sunny areas. But the bright side is that an increase in exports is expected, since environmental laws are being implemented worldwide. The other added features of this car include leather upholstery, a sleek exterior with a touch of sportiness, front and rear parking sensors, surround view camera, cupholders, LED lights, automatic passenger and driver windows, spacious and comfortable sitting that gives a sense of openness to the passengers. Unlike the traditional cars, it significantly reduces noise pollution, making your journey peaceful. Passengers can even enjoy a panoramic view from the sunroof.

A Choice of Green Minded Consumers

Solar vehicles are an exciting but an expensive innovation. It is a great buy for the customers who are safety conscious and concerned about the environment. With time these vehicles are getting more efficient, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and creating a sustainable future for the coming generations.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Hologram Technology and Its Applications

Technology has certainly relieved us from many strenuous tasks but humans can still never beat nature, no matter how much they learn or achieve through their intellectual ambition. Almost all the technologies that have been introduced are indirectly or directly related to nature and living things. Even the idea of hologram technology has been imitated after studying the living organisms such as butterflies, peacocks and beetles. For example, the metallic texture and color we see on a beetle's body are a result of 2D holographic type structures which are created by nature. So, let’s discuss holograms in detail and see how science and technology have created ease for us.

What is Hologram Technology?

Hologram Technology is a very interesting imaging technology through which three-dimensional images are created. These holographic 3D displays are visible to the naked eye and one does not need specs or any other wearable devices to view these objects. A single light beam is divided into two parts with the help of a laser. The two beams that are created in this process are usually named as reference beam and object beam. Later, the object beam is diverted towards a recording medium and comes into contact with the reference beam, together making up an interference pattern. The original object is then imitated into a three-dimensional form through this pattern.

Applications of Hologram Technology

Hologram Technology is being used for different purposes in almost every industry. Here are some of its most significant examples:

Entertainment and Art

The entertainment industry is using hologram technology because it provides interactive experience to the audience and grabs their attention. It helps to create virtual performers i.e. the audience can see the deceased singer performing on stage. Similarly, museums and galleries are no more boring as holograms create immersive art exhibitions. Visitors find the artwork visually appealing and it offers them a unique way to interact with the master pieces.

Medical and Healthcare

Hologram technology has eased the work of doctors and surgeons too. They can now visualize the whole human body or parts of it in a 3D form. Diagnosis and treatment of disease have become much easier through medical holography as organs, bones and other body structures can be studied through the images. Complex surgeries are performed more successfully as risk of complications has reduced. This is also helping in the speedy recovery of a patient.


Holograms have also changed the way we learn, enhance our experience and gain more knowledge. In the education sector, this technology is being used to provide interactive, engaging and immersive experiences to the students, helping them to learn more effectively. For example, holographic simulations are being used to clear the science and engineering concepts of students. They can interact with complex systems in a direct way.


Many companies are incorporating hologram technology in their advertising campaigns to make their displays more attractive and memorable. When brands create 3D models of their product, customers can view it from all angles without the hassle of visiting the store. This technique is very useful and effective for some products like cars and appliances which cannot be easily showcased through websites.

Hologram technology has uplifted many industries through its remarkable and fascinating features. As technology is advancing at a rapid pace, we will witness new and exciting uses of this technology in the coming years.


Friday, August 25, 2023

All About the New Minimis Glass

A gadget you must have!

Despite the years of backbreaking work, many smart shade companies have foundered in their mission to find a firm footing in the wearable industry. Their touted attempts were overlooked by the tech enthusiasts and users, presumably because they found them impractical and uninteresting. However, a Sydney based startup is quite optimistic to design, develop and sell its smart glasses, targeting the athletes (runners and cyclists). Let’s have a look at the features and benefits they will be offering to the users to attract them. 

What's new for fitness enthusiasts and athletes?

While cycling or running, it is quite distracting and risky to hold or use your phone. You might bump into a tree or a passing vehicle while you are fully engrossed in your phone, either monitoring your fitness or navigating the GPS. To end your problems, an Australian based company known as Minimis Technology has introduced its first finest smart glasses. This new gadget is called Minimis Glass that presents the statistics (speed, distance, time and heart rate.) maps and route information right before the wearer's eyes through the HUD navigation system. This gadget gives real time performance data, allowing users to track and monitor their health and fitness.

For the safety of the cyclists, this device offers Garmin Varia that enables the rider to detect the vehicle and track the traffic behind him/her. Whether you ride on a humid, foggy or a sweaty day, it won’t blur your vision with cloudy patches like the normal glasses. The polarized transition lenses, lightens and darkens according to the daylight. These features not just protect your eyes from the ultra violet radiations but also help you to see clearly while you perform exercise. These glasses are also water resistant and do not slip from your nose bridge. You do not require your phone while wearing these shades since it offers a number of features on a custom Android OS platform. These include Bluetooth, eSIM support, ANT+, Wi-Fi facility as well as music streaming for entertainment purposes. Lastly, one amazing thing to note is that its battery lasts for 7 hours and can be charged through its charging case. 

Final thought

The exact release date of minimis glasses is still not known as the product is still in the development phase. Its success largely depends on how well it will fulfill the needs of the target users. Only the future can tell whether it will be in the limelight or not.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Best Streaming Services in this Digital Age

A stir in the entertainment industry

Have you ever glued yourself to the laptop or Smart TV screen for hours to binge watch your favorite television series with a bunch of snacks by your side? If yes, then this digital age is all set to level up your experience through a plethora of streaming services options. Though, it is up to you to choose the one which best fulfills your preferences and needs. For now, we have a list of entertainment companies which you can choose to spend your leisure time with. Let's have a look at their features and discuss their benefits in detail.


Seems like Netflix is winning the competition in the streaming industry by offering a variety of TV series, documentaries and movies of different genres to the audience. It has a visually pleasing and an easy to use interface. Netflix does not only offer its original series, but also provides personalized recommendations that match users interest. If you are on vacation, away from home and without internet access, you can watch your favorite content offline by simply downloading it beforehand. Furthermore, its plethora of original series like "Peaky Blinders" and "The Queen's Gambit" have captured the attention of millions of global users.

Amazon Prime Video

Another company in the streaming market that is known for its tremendous features is Amazon Prime Video. It has an extensive range of TV shows, original series, documentaries and movies. If you have Amazon Prime's membership you can avail exclusive deals including free shipping and discount offers on Amazon products. If you are eager to know about the cast, soundtrack and crew of a particular show or movie, the X Ray feature will provide all the production details. The company's unique offerings like "Good Omens" and "The Boys" makes plain that it is fully committed to deliver phenomenal and diverse content to its viewers.


This streaming platform is a fine choice for those who love classic animations or want to watch a movie during a family get together. It presents a trove of dreamy Disney movies and fictional content including Pixar films, Star Wars Sagas and Marvel movies. For nature lovers, it offers interesting National Geographic documentaries. Thus, it is fit for children, youngsters and adults, particularly for its family friendly interface. Moreover, each family member can create his/her own separate profile. The original popular series of Disney+, "Monsters at Work" is a spin-off of Monster, Inc. through which the company was able to garner considerable attention. This showcases its prowess at creating original masterpieces.

With technological advancement, the streaming industry is also making strides by offering rich content to the audience, perfectly in line with their interest. There are a bunch of different options available for the viewers which they can use anytime by simply signing into their accounts.



Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Want to earn passive income? How about signing up for an affiliate marketing program and engaging in blogging? Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques that allow companies to meet their marketing goals at a very low cost. Entrepreneurs market the products and services of renowned brands through partnership. This allows them to earn commission based on the brand's sales and the lead that is generated. They can multiply their earnings if they successfully apply the below mentioned strategies. So, let's discuss these in detail along with some examples. 

Selection of Niche and Produce Quality Content

As an entrepreneur it is important to select a specific niche and focus on products that are in line with the target audience needs and requirements. For example, if you are a sport enthusiast you can go for affiliate partnership with brands that make and sell athletic kits, sport shoes and other sport equipment. Once this is done, creating high quality, interactive and informative content is crucial to gain the attention of the potential customers and to retain them.

Incorporating SEO Strategies and Making an Email List

For higher ranking and to generate organic traffic towards your content, entrepreneurs can take help from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They can incorporate keywords in their tech blogs for increased visibility and use affiliate links to the products they mention in their articles. To build long term relationships with the customers it is essential to create an email list and capture leads. Entrepreneurs can come up with email campaigns to market the affiliate products.

Use Social Media Platforms and Give Product Reviews

Social media platforms allow entrepreneurs to increase their reach. We know how much fame fashion and make up influencers have gained from their Instagram pages and blogs. They can don a dress and mention affiliate links for those accessories and apparels. When they give detailed and honest product reviews and compare it with the competitor brands, customers end up making informed decisions.

Offers, Discounts and Performance Monitoring

When brands offer limited time offers, sales and discounts, users lunge toward the stores to purchase the items. For example, fashion bloggers can partner with apparel or jewelry brands to offer their followers a limited time discount code that they can avail. Entrepreneurs should also  monitor the affiliate performance metrics on a regular basis to see which strategies are most fruitful.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a handsome amount of income by promoting brands, their products and services. However, best results can only be achieved if you provide value to the target audience and focus on creating long term relationships through honesty and trust.