A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The world of 3D animations and modeling

Let’s revive our childhood memories!

As kids, we all have enjoyed watching animated movies, delving into a dreamy world full of horror, excitement, adventure, wittiness and blues. When technology was in its nascent stage, there were monochromatic visuals and later on multi-hued characters and vivid imagery filled us with wonder. From gruesome monsters to dainty and adorable tots, each and everything was created artistically to fully grasp the attention of the audience. Take the example of Chicken Run, the imaginary representation of paradise at the end of the movie is something that you might like to choose as your eternal abode. In this blog, there is a lot to learn about 3D animations, so keep scrolling and reading.

Isn't it amazing to see things popping out, as if they are alive and real just like us. All this is the outcome of the 3D technology, latest software and the animators who are working at the back end. 3D animation is the process of creating moving objects, characters and places by using 3D software and graphical techniques. This form of animation takes less time, is easy to make and does not require redrawing while rigging, unlike the 2D animations that are hand drawn, plain and flat. It imitates reality by portraying compelling characters, objects and views in a way that people can see unreal things moving; as if they have come to life. These things can be created in  a tangible form through 3D printers and modeling tools too. 

The Benefits and Uses

3D animation engrosses the audience, keeps them engaged and also gives them ideas which they can implement in real life scenarios. For example, a 3D animated model of a house that you see in a movie might inspire you to create an actual one with the same interior, helping you in decision making. Similarly, if a digital billboard that displays 3D animations is placed near a traffic signal for the purpose of advertising, the stunning imagery will capture the attention of the crowd and would be enough to mesmerize them. Thus, it is a great branding tool and the most effective way to communicate with the viewers. 3D animations also offer a sense of depth to the target audience by presenting images that are close to reality. It also highlights the intricate details of a product by giving a 360 view, including its width, breadth and height.

Marketers can also create a product prototype with the help of 3D printing and animations. 3D games have also become popular since they entertain, immerse and connect the players on an emotional level, as the action within the game intensifies. The content quality also gets elevated with the use of 3D animations, evoking interest of the subject. With a blend of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), it has enhanced the work of architects, too. They get a clear picture of designs and insights into their work. Likewise, medical teachings and employee training have become time and cost saving since a detailed explanation of procedures is given to the students and employees, just like a real-life setting.

3D animations are applicable in every industry, whether companies or individuals have to create games, movies, prototypes or advertisements. If you want to come up with something unique with 3D modeling and animation then creativity, dedication and good investment are the building blocks. 



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