A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Era of Cyber Crimes

In the last two decades, we have seen many positive contributions of technology. However, technology has also escalated and posed several threats in this modern world. One of those is cybercrime whose prevalence has increased the tension among the individuals, businesses and government. Cybercrime can result in devastating consequences if proper preventative measures are not taken. In this article, we will discuss some of the major cyber-crimes that have wreaked havoc and will also propose solutions that might aid in the creation of a secure digital environment. To learn more, continue reading!

The Rise of Data Breaches

The issue of data breaches has put individuals and companies in dire straits. Their personal or corporate data gets exposed when the attacker gets unauthorized access to their critical and confidential information. As a result of such vile acts, they suffer from financial losses and identity thefts. It also damages the reputation of a company in the long run. To prevent from being a victim of this malpractice, companies should take incisive cybersecurity measures including regular security audits and encryption. They must also create awareness among employees through data security training and implement multifactor authentication.

Ransomware Attacks and Identity thefts

Your data can also be encrypted through malicious software. This is called ransomware attack which can cause a major disruption in companies’ operations as the attacker’s demand ransom in return for data release. It is important to update your software regularly and keep data backups to prevent your critical systems from getting paralyzed. Your staff should also be well aware of phishing scams to avoid or combat initial infection. Fraud can also be committed in the form of identity theft that is stealing someone’s personal data, password, social security numbers or credit card information. So be alert and keep a check on your financial accounts. Make sure you do not disclose any personal information with others through social media. Also, the best way to secure your accounts is to enable two factor authentication and set a strong password.

Phishing Scams, Online frauds and Cyberbullying

You may also receive deceptive messages, emails or websites. The receiver is duped into sharing their sensitive information. So, be vigilant and careful before you open a link or download an attachment sent from an anonymous source. Moreover, there are online frauds that come in various forms i.e. shopping, work from home and even when you make investments. Those who apply for jobs or make online purchases should be sure to verify and check whether these websites and companies are authentic. Also, make sure to use secure payment methods. Individuals can also be subjected to humiliations and harassment through social media platforms. Anti-harassment policies are crucial to deal with cyberbullying. Above all, strict action must be taken against the perpetrators and every digital platform should have block and report policies to condemn and control vile acts.

Individuals, companies and governments are more vulnerable than ever, so they must develop a secure and robust digital landscape and remain cautious at all times. The above discussed solutions can significantly reduce the rising threats and challenges that they face every now and then.

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