A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Friday, August 18, 2023

The Future of Work with Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Change

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) first emerged, individuals were apprehensive that machines would rule and their jobs would be at risk. However, they were relieved when that did not happen. Humans and machines are inseparable in a workspace and would be working together in the foreseeable future. If some jobs have been lost many new ones have been created that are reshaping the industries. In this blog, we will discuss how AI is changing the future and pushing us into a new era of opportunities.

The Rise of Automation and Work Flexibility

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has overtaken many tasks that humans used to perform and handle i.e. the administrative tasks. This has resulted in cost reduction for companies and increased efficiency. AI has also boosted human capabilities, allowing workers to make informed decisions and focus on creative and more challenging tasks. The tools that are backed by AI have enhanced flexibility as remote workers can collaborate virtually. It provides real time insights and helps employees in complex decision making. Overall, AI improves their work life balance and allows them to be more productive.

Heading towards Creativity and Innovation

Tasks have been now divided between humans and machines. Human’s role is crucial where ideas and design require brainstorming. AI can provide valuable insights and innovative solutions by analyzing massive amounts of data, giving way to creativity. AI is also helpful in predicting consumer behavior, identifying trends and in performing repetitive tasks through automation. This has changed the job requirements and opened up doors for new roles.

Unveiling New Industries that needs Agility

The demand for professionals and specialists belonging to the field of AI has increased due to the emergence of new industries. AI has uplifted the real estate development, introduced new healthcare solutions and autonomous vehicle technology. Apart from this, AI ethics and consulting is a new position and many companies are looking for candidates who possess such relevant AI skills. Organizations that are leveraging the power of AI should embrace agility. This means continuous improvement and innovation is crucial to meet the changing market needs. Companies will also have to implement AI solutions timely to avoid failure.

New Skills and Ethical Considerations

In the upcoming future, employees will have to upgrade their soft skills and learn new technical skills. For example, critical thinking, machine learning, knowledge of AI frameworks, data analysis, adaptability and problem solving etc. However, companies should also be prepared to address the issues of data privacy and algorithms biases.

Adaptability for a Seamless Future

The above points have highlighted that AI has unlocked many possibilities for us, though its drawbacks are quite diminutive in nature. The technology is best at handling data intensive tasks while humans are great at complex decision making. Thus, humans and AI powered machines should work together without one replacing the other in order to achieve optimal outcomes.

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