A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Unprecedented Growth of Tech Sector

Globally, the tech sector is booming. There is no doubt that this industry has surprised us with unanticipated growth within a few years of time. The disruption that was caused by the pandemic has long been bridled and again the demand for tech related goods and services is surging. There is a growing pressure on tech companies to embrace agility and digital transformation as well as enhance the skills of their talent pools. In this blog, we will discuss some of the technologies and new positions that have emerged to uplift and contribute towards the success of this sector. So, let's begin!

Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is adding comfort to your life through automation of your daily tasks. In many areas of the developed and developing countries, smart cities and homes are being built where the lights, appliances, televisions and other objects or systems are connected through the internet. These connected devices can be controlled remotely through your smartphones or tablets, by voice control features or through the touch of a button. You can adjust their settings according to your preferences i.e. setting your room lights to turn off at night when you sleep. Sensors and wireless cameras are also used in street lights to automatically turn them off in the daily light. Even self-driving vehicles are being introduced to take you to a particular destination without human operations (i.e. with the help of radars, sensors and cameras). 

Data Centers and Security

In order to keep the large amounts of data that a company has collected for the analysis, they need data centers and data analysts. This helps them to better understand customer behavior and their preferences. Later, they can create products and services accordingly. Similarly, the need for security experts is growing as hackers and foreign actors are more active than ever. Such cybercriminals try to sabotage the image of a brand by stealing their data or identity and by siphoning company secrets.

AR, VR and Healthcare Digitization

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are changing the way we interact with technology and also creating new job opportunities. These technologies create an immersive virtual environment for us or superimpose digital features (i.e. graphics, effects or images) into our physical world. The healthcare sector has been most impacted by such technological evolution. New methods have come up to diagnose and prevent the spread of diseases. Whether you have to use fitness tracking devices, perform complex surgeries or manage patients records, everything is dependent on digital technology.

In essence, sky high growth is expected in the tech sector in the coming future. Much of its success is due to the transformation of other industries like manufacturing, health and aviation where new tools, techniques and technologies are being adopted. This in turn is increasing the demand (i.e. derive demand) of the tech sector.


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