A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Sunday, July 31, 2011

SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure Training Kit–July 2011(Via Girish Raja )

Extract from the original post

“This week we released the July version of the SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure Training Kit. If you haven’t looked at this kit before, it is a training course for developers to ramp up on different ways to integrate SharePoint and Windows Azure.

You can view the online MSDN version of the training course here:
You can also download an offline version of the kit which allows you to store the hands-on labs and presentations on your local computer:

SharePoint 2010 provides many ways to integrate with Windows Azure. From simple SQL Azure data-centric applications to complex workflow that leverages custom Azure services, there is great potential to integrate these two growing technologies. The kit contains twelve modules that include PowerPoint decks, hands-on labs and source code that shows how the SharePoint 2010 platform and Windows Azure platform can work together.

This course is intended for developers and architects who are interested in understanding how SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure can leverage each other. Knowledge of SharePoint 2010 development or Windows Azure is helpful but not required. Familiarity with general .NET development along with web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and Web Services is recommended.

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Netcast 83 - SharePoint is from Mars (Via Todd Klindt)

In his blog post Todd is presenting some PowerShell scripts he is going to present t the world which will be addressing some issues.

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Configure NH in code instead of hibernate.cfg.xml(Via sadomovalex)

Extract from the original post

“In one of my ASP.Net MVC projects xml file was used for NH configuration (hibernate.cfg.xml) because of historical reasons. It was annoying because settings were stored in several files: web.config and hibernate.cfg.xml. It was double annoying because Fluen NHibernate contains API for configuration (in my project Fluent NH was used as well). But as it often happens I had no time to fix it.”

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The column name you have entered is already in use or reserved. Choose another name (Via Pratik Vyas)

Extract from the original posts “I have faced very interesting issue last night.One of the users had changed / renamed the default content type “Title” to “Item Title” and when he tried to pull it back it gave an error – “The column name you have entered is already in use or reserved. Choose another name”

After modifying default name to custom name he realized that “Title” name had been changed to all over sites because on site all lists / libraries were inherited from parent content type. As a farm admin I even tried with no luck and got the same error.

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How to access SharePoint documents via Outlook Web Access(Via gyreconsulting)

Step by step(along with pictures) process of how to access your SharePoint documents via your Outlook Web Access.

If you travel a lot and faced any difficulty in assessing your organization, this post can help you out

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The Personal Learning Environment. Moving beyond the VLE and SharePoint Learning Platform. (Via Mike Herrity)

Extract from the original post

“Over the last decade we have seen an enormous growth in use of technology within education. From the use of laptops and digital projectors to smartboards and VLE’s all of which have been aimed at improving learning. As a relatively new teacher I was shown my first ever VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) in early 2004, a moodle system which we began to use at my second school. We often joked that as teachers we sat spellbound by a flash animation as the presenter seemed to promise us that the system would cure all educational problems and perhaps world famine at the same time.”

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SharePoint Search Configuration Gotcha(Via gavinadams)

“Gavinadams” is pointing out the problem he faced related to SharePoint Search Configuration and how to avoid that mistake to save your time.

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SharePoint leadership starts with a SharePoint strategy(Via Alan Pelz-Sharpe)

Extract from the original post “Of course, there's no shortage of SharePoint-related events right now, but we've sensed a need for something different, something to add real value to those entrusted with evaluating, buying, and managing SharePoint systems. In short, an event for those of you looking to develop a SharePoint strategy.

Hence the agenda will critically examine when to use SharePoint, and when not, and most importantly how to increase your chances of success in broad and large deployments.”

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SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Key Resources (Via joeloleson)

Joe has collected huge collection useful links for SharePoint upgrades like MSDN, TechNet, SharePointUpgrade.com - Community driven wiki based upgrade resources and many more.

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