A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Saturday, September 12, 2009

SharePoint Saturday NY: SharePoint Branding Session coverage

Special Interest: SharePoint Branding: How do you even begin? About the session (From SharePoint Saturday NY site): In this session, I will cover the importance of planning before you begin designing your SharePoint site. I will cover the basics of SharePoint branding. I will also cover some Best Practices and Design Gotchas that I have experienced. The session will only have brief looks at the code of a custom theme and a custom master page. About the speaker: Cathy Dew Company: CTS, Inc Blog: http://www.sharepointcat.com/ Cathy Dew is a graphic designer and SharePoint Consultant for CTS in Birmingham, Alabama. Cathy comes from an Advertising Agency and Graphic Design background, so her focus is on User Interface Design and User Experience with sites. She has worked on many SharePoint installations to brand SharePoint and make it look “Not like SharePoint”. She is also the President and Founder of the Birmingham SharePoint User’s Group Retweets: RT @keith @catpaint1 #spsnyc #sharepoint: RT @ericharlan: http://twitpic.com/hhbbs - @catpaint1 at #spsnyc doing her thing packed room Master pages contain common page elements Assigned to a site Will take longer to reference javascriot if put on the master page. Put in CEWP Master Pages ASP.NET 2.0 Store code for layout and design 1 or more can be used Used everwhere in Sharepoint Drawbacks to Themes On Server Must be reapplyed after edits to each site used SPTHEMES.XML controls the themes available Always make a bakup Themes do not create design Good for images and color Also apply to _layouts directory Can be used with Maters, site defs and templates Store all custom CSS is one place ONE FILE! DO NOT EDIT CORE.CSS Any Styles in a Master Page is called last. Refer to custom CSS in Master Page Best Practices store CSS in new directory on server 26 different style sheets in different places some on server some on content DB 20,000 lines of CSS Understanding grouping and inheritance is important Each need own branding Meeting Workspace uses unique master page 4 Common Site templates Blogs WIKIS Meeting Workspacce Document Workspace Site Definitions more difficult Stored on the server Farm Wide Link to Master Pages Definitions can include branding Wat r Site Templates and Definitions? Templates are a cookie cutter takes a snapshot and can use for new sites15 minutes ago from web branding: Use content placeholders and SharePoint user controls for customization branding: Search boxes are very customizable. Can put in a custom site action so its permission trimmed. Can be moved seperately from other nav Quick Launch Bar? Yes or NO? Do they want View all sitecontent? Start by looking at default.master and decide what you want to use in our design Page layout only availbale on MOSS stored in Master Page gallery Thanks for restarting the camera. Stream was down for some time. (meetdux live > http://ustre.am/61Db) Master Page Header Footer Nav Unique items, contact ads, links site wrapper, content placeholders Page llayouts Master pages are more time intensive but offer more ways to change Thems change the look but not the location of parts. Master Page Complete control over site design Link to CSS How to brand?? Theme Alternate CSS change images Sored on web server SharePoint Onion: Master Pages and Themes Page layouts and content pages make u cry The SharePoint ONION! (It makes you cry....)?? Many layers Content stored in 12 or in content DB Know whats in the 12 and DB. Use a DEV enviro. to look around A Lot of work to change fonts 20,000 lines of CSS is a LOT to look through. Don't use EM Text in Dynamis NAV No images or buttons if using OOTB Taxonomy Gotchas Fluid width or fixed? Intranet should be fluid coz of lists and libraries and users Site requirements affect design Splash page? Sus different? Home page? Navigation OOTB or custom Taxonomy affects branding Different structures require different branding WIKI Extranets,WSS sites SharePoint Taxonomy: Take into consideration External Links. Think of the future and plan for growth SharePoint Taxonomy: Step 5) Navigation Top and Left? Major sections and nav Drop Down nav SharePoint Taxonomy: Each site should have a pages library SharePoint Taxonomy: Identify Pages, permissions, how many, major areas, etc Step 2) Indentify Content types Step 3) Page Layouts Step 4) Identify Site Structure SharePoint Taxonomy SharePoint Taxonomy: Step 1 Evaluate and Plan like any other site Taxonomy - Classification 2 Types of SP taxonomy Structure and View (Used more in branding) content types can be shared across Lists and Libraries and across Web Parts Content Types Can be used across the site Can be shared across mutiple content types Branding: 2)Where do you start? Include Usability and look What do you need to know before you start? 1) What type of site? Each have different requirements. SPD Features CheckinOut Publish Import/Export useful for moving View for multiple screen resolutions SPD most widely used for branding. Intial development and then move into VS What is Branding?? Master Pages, Layouts,CSS,Web Parts XML, Images Note: I was not there. I was retweeting the session points and this post has all the RTs in one place.

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