A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Euro Final 2012 Italy Vs Spain and SharePoint!!

I am glued infront of the TV set at the moment watching the Euro Final 2012 Italy vs Spain. With laptop in the lap I thought I would share some SharePoint tips but then couldn't take my eyes off the TV so decided to mix SharePoint with soccer. Couldn't think of anything better for the title! Spain has already scored a goal and they seem to have overpowered Italy unless things change. Italy will bounce back but they have to do something now before it gets late. Match is very interesting.

Tip 1: You try to edit a document that is stored in a SharePoint library but you are not able to do so. Sometimes you don't even get any error but you cannot save the changes.

The solution is to check if the document is already checked out. Sometimes you will see an error telling you that the document is checked out but if you don't see any error, try to locate the problem yourself. If you are not seeing ribbon at the top, from the Site Actions, select "Show ribbon" and then check the document status. If it is checked out to someone else, you will see it. You cannot make changes to a document that is already checked out to someone else.

Back to the match! Spain has attacked Italy's goal post twice more. Spain is clearly superior than Italy in this match. 22 mins have passed.  Silva is the hero of the match so far. With his 18th goal and the most important of his life, he is the man!!!

And the first yellow card of the evening. Pique of Spain has been shown yellow card.

Tip 2: Why do you see different search results for different users?

This is because search results are security trimmed. User sees only those items that he has access to. If you think that security is not an issue then check indexing and crawling of content.

Spain attacking again! Italy had a chance but missed the opportunity. Italy preparing to attack now!

Tip 3: User added to the site permissions still get "Access denied".

This is because the site has elements (lists etc) that have unique permissions and the user is not added to them. Make sure you give users access to all areas that have unique permissions set up.

Spain has scored again. It's 2 - 0 now. There is no chance for Italy to come back unless they do some thing really exceptional. It's Spain's game all the way! Jori Alba is the man! He is an expensive player and it seems he has been waiting for today to score an excellent goal.

Tip 4: Do you know what is the recommended site collection size?

Depending on the farm architecture and storage, you can store 4 TB of data in a single site collection but the recommended size is 200 GB. I prefer to not have over 100 GB in a site collection.It makes maintenance easy but of course you have to weigh in both pros and cons and keep your requirements in front.

Second half has started and Spain is on the rampage again. They just missed a chance to make it 3 - 0.  Italy still has a chance but they have to hurry now.

Can Baladeli do it again for Italy?

Silva, the goal scorer is now off the ground. He has been replaced with Rodriguez.

Fabrigas goes out! 15 mins remain. Spain winning the match!


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