A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Marketing Techniques that Small Businesses Should Use

In order to create presence in the market and to secure a wide customer base small businesses have to use different marketing techniques. At each and every stage of their business cycle they have to use tactics accordingly. Companies have to keep in mind whom they want to reach out through their promotional material, especially when they are struggling with budget constraints. It is essential for them to take each step wisely and use inexpensive ways for advertising such as guerrilla marketing. Let’s explore the different marketing techniques that can be of help for them. 

1. Posters and Flyers

When you use a variety of different channels you are able to gain more exposure. While visiting a mall or some other public places, you must have seen free bulletin boards which the brands can use to promote and market their products. Make sure your poster is visible and you use removable tabs so that customers can avail discounts. You can also target your campaigns in the area where most leads were generated. Companies should come up with a poster that is very eye-catching and has vivid images. You should use memorable phrases that people find entertaining and are able to recall when they need something that is related to your product or service or what you are selling. Flyers are another cheap way of advertising your business. Once you are clear about the areas you want to target, you can easily distribute flyers either through mailboxes or by door to door visit. While making flyers keep the content short and add only the relevant information such as the products or services you are offering or contact information. You can offer and mention discounts, free trials or appraisals, coupons or other promotional offers to attract the customers.

2. Referral Networks

Customer referrals are very valuable for a business as it leads to customer retention. This means companies can offer discounts, perks or other rewards to its existing customers for recommending their brand to others through positive word of mouth. This helps them to grow their customer base, increases brand engagement and enhances the reputation of the company when more customers show interest in their product. 

3. Value Additions

The special and improved features that a brand offers along with its product or service are powerful selling points that must be mentioned when coming up with advertising material. Value addition helps companies to deliver value to its customers and increase their level of satisfaction. It also distinguishes you from your competition. Some examples are referral rewards, guarantees, offering discounts or point cards to loyal customers or those who make repeated purchases.

4. Follow ups

Getting feedback from your customers is important to see where you stand and what perception they hold about your products and services. The best way to get their response is to propose follow up questionnaires, ask about how your advertising campaign is going and if it satisfies them or not. Here is a list of questions you can ask:

·       What made them choose your company?

·       How did they come to know about the product?

·       What satisfied them the most?

·       Which alternative companies will they prefer?

5. The Internet

Creating your online presence has become crucial to meet the expectations of your tech savvy customers. Internet technology has made it easier for them to search for a brand, its reviews or the list of products it offers before making a buying decision. Having a website and a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) will keep you in the eyes of the customers when they regularly see your ad campaigns and your page comes in their suggestion list. Companies also need search engine optimization skills and content management systems to raise their website ranking and to enhance the digital experience of their customers.

The above discussed marketing techniques will surely take your business to an incredible peak if you wisely incorporate them while keeping your goals, budget and target audience in mind. 




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