A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Negative Impact of Marketing

Every day we are bombarded with an unlimited stream of advertisements in the form of billboards, digital screens, banners, posters or emails etc. Whether you turn on your television screens at home or leave for work, these advertisements are polite reminders from brands and companies to inform their target audience about their presence in the market and to sell their products and services. But many of these ad campaigns have negative connotations, misrepresent information or are clich├ęs. One must give a thought to these elements before promoting their brands and consumers should also make a purchase while keeping such factors in mind. For example they should question themselves "Is the brand selling products in an ethical way?”. Now let's discuss some negative consequences of marketing.

Consumerism and Overspending

Marketing has given rise to consumerism. People believe that buying material possessions and consuming goods and services leads to happiness and wellbeing. This has negatively impacted the mindset of the society and has made them more materialistic. For example carrying the latest iPhone depicts your social status. Similarly, buying new clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories has become a necessity to enhance your appearance. Companies and marketers urge you to buy their products and services even when you can live without them. Many such products are useless and make little difference in your life. Some people overspend, borrow money or go into debt and waste their hard earned money so that the society does not look down upon them. 

Promotion of Harmful Products and Rise of Environmental issues

In order to manufacture products for customers companies need huge amounts of raw material which means large scale mining of metals and cutting down of trees. Ultimately, earth has to pay the price when harmful greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere and natural resources deplete. Not just this, brands sell harmful products such as drugs, alcohol, vapes, cigarettes and many others to which many people get addicted. Though these are extremely bad for one’s health, people, especially teenagers’ use them because they believe that such products will make them cool in the eyes of other people. Similarly, gadgets and fast food chains have caused many health issues among youngsters such as obesity, diabetes, eyesight issues and high blood pressure etc.

Use of Stereotypes

Most of the companies and brands adopt a stereotypical approach so that more people can relate. Companies that offer beauty products such as fairness creams target women. Such brands are promoting racism, narrow-mindedness and pushing them into the wrong direction by telling them what they should do to fit in the society. Marketers try to create a need by subliminally telling them through ads which products they should use to look more masculine and attractive e.g. body sprays. Similarly, companies who sell products for women inculcate the idea that their product will make them look pretty and physically appealing. 

Lower Self Esteem

In order to persuade you to buy a product, companies often try to make you feel bad about yourself by lowering your self-esteem and confidence. This has given rise to insecurities and vulnerabilities among people. We have often seen ads featuring models with a perfect hourglass body while some show people being bullied or body shamed for being overweight. In the end pills are recommended to you as a solution to your problem. Through this toxic mindset companies take advantage of the consumers and make money. 

Mislead and Misrepresentation

Through manipulation and amazing advertisements brands try to sell their products and increase their sales. Most of the time these companies do not deliver what they promised and rob you of your money. Some ads highlight a number of benefits of a product but when the person uses it in real life they have to face a number of side effects too. A very common example is fairness cream brands that say that you will get fair after just one application but in reality you get the results after several applications. So most of the time you cannot trust these brands.

Marketing and advertising is considered one of the most effective forms of communication, but strict regulation is needed because many companies misuse them to increase their sales.




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