A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Relentless LockBit Ransomware

All eyes are on LockBit

In recent times, LockBit Ransomware has gained momentum and made the headlines. Many of the high profile companies and enterprises have been under threat because of the spree of cyber-attacks made by this group through malicious software. There are a number of other notorious ransomware gangs like LockBit who are active and have steadily impacted thousands of organizations around the globe. DarkSide, Conti, REvil and DoppelPaymer are to name a few who have adopted aggressiveness, persistence and effectiveness to be successful in their vile mission. Countries such as the United States, France, China, India and the United Kingdom have been their major targets. Since LockBit has been driving the world crazy so it’s important for you to know more about it.

What is LockBit Ransomware? 

LockBit Ransomware, also known as the ABCD ransomware is a smart and prolific ransomware gang that has emerged lately. This group has professionally designed a malicious software through which they lock the user’s computer and demand ransom in return. If their target does not provide a ransom then LockBit automatically encrypts and gets access to all their files in their computers. With this aggressive approach and through their extortion tools, it has posed unique threats to large businesses and government organizations. The first high severity cyber-attack was made by them in September, 2019. The cycle of attacks has continued since then.

What’s more threatening?

Through LockBit, data theft, extortion and illegal publications are made by the hackers for monetary gains. Businesses face operational disruptions and with it their crucial processes come to a sudden halt. It is important to note that LockBit attacks are self-piloted. These cyber attackers have adopted various ways to target for example by email attachments or by cascading of files. Since LockBit integrates sophisticated technology, it is seen as a formidable adversary in the cyber realm. The gang is backed by ransomware groups which encourages them to carry on with the attacks. Moreover, with superior upgrading they have been able to introduce its new encryption tool called the StealBit which is far better than the prior versions. Initially, it attacked only the Windows systems but with time it evolved to target Linux computers as well. With the help of its malware, it targets the key data of both the operating systems by infiltrating into them. LockBit attacks are self-spreading and they are using highly advanced methods such as the double extortion and triple extortion techniques to exploit their victim by stealing or leaking their data. In future, DDoS attacks will be a further challenge for them.

Keeping the aforementioned threats in mind, it is essential for businesses to take protective measures to prevent themselves from falling into LockBit ransomware’s trap. A strong password, multi factor authentication, regular system wide backups and comprehensive cyber security solutions will act as a shield against them.


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