A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Thursday, February 2, 2023

How CRM can improve Customer Experience?

In the recent decades, there has been a visible technology upheaval. Above that, digital transformation has made it inevitable for companies and professionals to reconsider the way they operate and deal with their customers on day to day basis. It is important for organizations to remain proactive, without compromising on their customers current and future needs. For this purpose, Customer Relationship Management is a useful software that gives a holistic view of customers’ preferences, their past purchases, needs, likes and dislikes. Based on that companies can offer customized products and services to them, enhancing their experience.

1.     Keeping customers in the loop

Communication and feedback are the keys to customer retention and loyalty. CRM is a great tool that helps companies to ensure that their customers remain satisfied. The data in the CRM system keeps the customers abreast with new offers, discounts, sale campaigns, initiatives and developments that take place from time to time. It also contains plethora of information of customers related to their activities, prior purchases, needs, conversation and engagement with the brand. CRM systems has made it easier for companies to filter and send messages to the specific customer niche without bugging them with unwanted messages/emails.

2.     Focus on what makes your customer happy

In today’s world, customers are tech savvy and keep themselves up to date through social media platforms. Word of mouth, their opinions, reviews and feedback on different communication channels must be assessed by businesses. To get their feedback on the products and services, marketers must cling to email marketing and surveys. This keeps them informed about the alterations that they should make which best suits their customers. CRM system also has previous data and record of individual customers which tells you what they really want from you rather than you assuming on their behalf.

3.     Making strong ties through personalized relationships

Relationship marketing subliminally affects customers and helps to create a strong bond with them. Customers can reach you out through phone calls, websites, Facebook and Instagram pages etc. CRM software assimilates this information which can be used to make communication more personalized. For example mentioning their names in emails and messages are touchpoints that elevates customer perceptions and improves relationships with the brand. 

4.     Quick response to their queries

If you do not respond to customers messages immediately you might lose them or compel them to opt for competitor’s product or services. To address this issue, CRM software can help you generate ready-made emails by simply selecting the right template for FAQs. Through CRM customers can also sign up for latest updates or even subscribe to get notifications.

5.     Offer customer support

The entire foundation of a business revolves around its customers, so offering them support makes them feel valued. Addressing to their complaints is not a hassle now because CRM makes sure that their inquiries are not lost into thin air. The customer service software keeps a check on their requests through a central system. In this way, customers receive an auto generated email that their request and queries have been submitted and would be resolved soon.

In a nutshell, Customer relationship management is a useful tool to learn more about your customers and their behavior. Companies can use that information to enhance their customer experience.


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