A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Sustainable Technology Trends of 2023

Back in the day life was simple. With little to no technological advancement people were living in a benign era. For example people in the past used to grind grains or pump water using the wind power energy. With time a number of new developments were made that raised the standard of living. However, technology simultaneously manifested its noxious effects as people became fully dependent on it and started to move away from nature by adopting artificial means. Now again, humans are poised to devise and implement sustainable solutions not just to fulfill their everyday needs, save resources or to keep up with the trends but also to head back to good old times. Many countries today are playing their part in order to make the future carbon free and close the rift between technology and sustainability. Here are some sustainable technology trends that are being followed.

1. Floating solar panels: Solar paneling is a cost efficient way of saving energy and utilizing natural resources. It is a strong growing industry, though the setting up cost is quite high and it requires a lot of space. It is anticipated that this market will reach around $458 million till the year 2030. The introduction of floating solar panels for seas and oceans means that more solar energy will be absorbed efficiently since water has the natural cooling tendency as compared to land solar paneling. As a result of this, the underwater species will be less exposed to sunlight and algae growth will be minimized, which can be harmful for marine life. This will in turn help in effective management of water resources. However, solar farms require careful planning execution otherwise it can hurt biodiversity.

2. Electric Aviation: A report revealed that aviation industry releases 2.1% of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that contributes to environmental pollution. Since electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, there is no exception that electric planes are on the verge of development. In the introductory phase, companies are working on electric planes for flights of one to two hours. One recent example is of a Rolls Royce electric plane that successfully completed a 15 minutes flight in the UK.

3. Battery Powered Electric Vehicles: The percentage of Electric Vehicles up on the roads increased to 58% in just one year (from 2020- 2021). But people have been hesitant to buy them because these vehicles take much time to charge (more than half an hour) even at the fastest charging station, while the gas station fills the tank in just five minutes. Researchers and engineers are working on making improvements in battery performance. They are introducing new batteries with nickel foil sheets inside them that will help the battery to quickly absorb electricity. This will provide fast charging service to the customers, regardless of battery size.

4. Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency means that you perform tasks in a manner that saves energy and there is no wastage. This can greatly reduce a company's bills and save their money. However, such initiatives have a high initial cost (solar panels, wind turbines or vehicles powered by batteries) which can be risky and can cause financial inconveniences for businesses if they plan to upgrade. To free them from these financial hassles a company known as Redaptive is funding and helping them to install energy saving equipment. 

5. Electric waste disposal: If proper measures are not taken to dispose of the electric waste it can be detrimental for human health and can also lead to massive damage. Toxic pollutants such as metals, toxic fumes, lead or mercury etc., when released or discharged into waterways, land or air can significantly impact living things. Studies disclosed that by 2040 the global electronic emission will reach up to 14%. In 2021, a company named Fairphone positively contributed to the environment by heading towards renewable direction. It prevented the emission of 668 tons of carbon dioxide. Also, the company is selling refurbished phones, recycling the older ones and has also introduced the concept of sustainable smartphones to minimize e waste.

The malign influence of technology is urging experts to take steps for the betterment of current and future generations. A large-scale shift towards sustainability and renewable energy sources will be seen in the coming years. 


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