A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Monday, March 6, 2023

Benefits and Risks Associated with the Emerging Technologies

Not all the high powered scientific inventions (machines/devices) and technologies are efficient, cost effective and safe to use. There are plenty of risks associated with modern world's emerging technologies which need continuous regulation. We as users are unaware of many benefits and dangers linked with these innovations. Though they enhanced the productivity of many tasks, there are a multitude of cases in which human casualties and monetary losses were reported. Let’s have a closer look at the negative consequences of these technologies.

Studies have shown that the biggest risks are posed by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Though, AI is known for its excellent decision making capabilities and its complex algorithms which backs the autonomous work in factories. AI helps in managing and overseeing the tasks associated with machinery and production. However, it is replacing the factories and businesses workforce who have to look for new jobs now, since AI is improving its autonomous functions and performing tasks that workers used to do. No doubt, AI is reducing the cost for businesses but some argue that quality and ethical decision making is not ensured by Al. For example, it’s a huge dilemma for AI to choose whether to save the life of a pedestrian or the passenger while he/she sits in a self-driving vehicle.

Similarly, biotechnology helps to mitigate the hunger crisis around the globe and improves the overall health of humans and animals through the production of health related products. But again, this process involves the exploitation and abuse of an organism through genetic manipulation. Another technology, Quantum computing, has played a crucial role in quickly processing massive amounts of data. It has helped in computer intensive scientific or medical research. But it has also allowed external hackers to have easy access to your computer systems or business records through the breaking of encryption systems and codes, giving rise to security threats.

Some devices have sensors lodged inside them or consist of software and other technologies that help to connect (send and receive) data with other gadgets or objects through the internet. These have been very useful in everyday life such as providing home security and helping to track livestock etc. If no IoT security is provided for devices for example laptops, smartphones or appliances then it is prone to cyber-attacks and these objects can be affected by malware. 

Geoengineering has also been saving our planet from the harmful rays of the sun by limiting sunlight reach. It is also helping us to deal with climatic changes and global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Fiddling with the natural processes by altering climate means that wildlife and forest will have to cope with the negative consequences. It can reverse the function of the ozone layer (sulfate particles can slowly result in ozone depletion), reduce the global rainfall and rain might be more acidic in nature. Also, geoengineering is a very costly technique and scientists need trillions of dollars to cover the earth with a sunshade.

There are a multitude of other technologies that humans have created for their benefit, but each comes with their drawbacks. So tinkering with nature or using man made technologies will never be easy in the years to come. 


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