A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Top 3 Mind Reading Gadgets

 We Are Duped!

Mind reading gadgets? Yes you heard it right! Technology has already engulfed us with its astounding innovations. Previously, we had a vague gleam of hope that one day our far-fetched dreams will turn into present day realities. Things that we never thought before and previously seemed impossible have now become very common in our daily lives, helping us tremendously in different activities that we perform. But machines articulating your thought process and revealing what you try to hide from others seem very intimidating. The jaw dropping achievements of technology will put us in hot waters someday. Now with these new and amazing mind reading gadgets we might end up in a scuffle, offending others. Imagine your boss is able to read all your intrusive thoughts and whatever is going on in your head. Alas! You are screwed.

There are already some technologies in the market that are able to read your thoughts through the brain computer interface. The mastermind entrepreneur, Elon Musk has put one of his similar ideas into practice through his Neuralink (neural interface technology company). The company is developing a coin sized device that will be affixed into a person’s skull to monitor and record his brain activity and later process it. This chip will wirelessly transmit data to computers so that experts can study and interpret. Now let’s discover some new technologies that are surfacing, some of these gadgets are already available in the market.

1. Necomimi by Neurowear

A Japanese company known as Neurowear introduced a gadget shaped like cat ears that you wear like a headband on your head. This device is known as Necomini and serves as the perfect example of a brain machine interface. The device has sensors that detect human emotions through their brain impulses or waves. With the help of EEG (electroencephalogram) electrical signals are recorded from the brain via a metal disc that is attached to the scalp. When a wearer is stressed or involved in a brain racking activity, these ears turn up automatically and when he or she is in a relaxed state of mind it turns down. This gadget is powered by batteries and works for almost 4 hours.

2. Mindball

Mindball is a game in which the movement of a ball is controlled by both the players through their brain waves. Each player wears a headband that has sensors embedded in them. An EEG monitor helps to detect the electrical signals from their brain and these signals are converted into actionable form later. The player who is more calm and relaxed is able to roll the ball into his/her opponent’s side of the goal.

3. Epoc + by EMOTIV

Epoc is another product created by the company EMOTIV. This wireless neurohead set is designed and created for the purpose of contextualized research, to gain marketing insights and for human computer interaction (brain computer interface). Marketing experts believe that this method is best for marketing research as it gives them accurate and unfiltered opinions of people. Rather than asking for individuals’ perspective you directly get to their unbridled emotions through the headset that they wear. Real time data can be collected in this way as it streams through the device that users put on. You can get answers to your questions such as which product (for example cosmetics) they liked the most after testing from their stores. Epoc + will provide you the exact answers which the customers might not give if asked in the form of a survey.

Humans are still decades away from fully and accurately achieving what they aim for. A lot of work is needed to reach the heights of intellectualism and make flawless mind reading gadgets.





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