A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Monday, May 29, 2023

Best drone delivery companies

The sky’s the limit!

Comfort and convenience have become indispensable in today's time where people are too busy to go and buy everyday things such as groceries, eatables, medicines, or apparels. Transportation vehicles such as containers, airplanes, trains, or ships are only suitable for bulk cargo and this process is quite slow. For speedy delivery and to fulfill the customers demand on time, many companies have started delivering products through new technologies such as drones. Drones have become popular since the beginning of pandemic when there was a dire need to supply vaccines without human contact to far-flung and geographically inaccessible areas. A report has revealed that the drone market will experience a growth rate of $47.4 billion till the year 2029. These drones are battery operated pilotless vehicles which can deliver parcels at a specific location. 

Enterprises are now delivering packages through these flying bots with the help of their operating teams that control its movement through a base station. Interestingly, the delivery time is usually half an hour or less (almost the same as bikes which come all the way from traffic congested roads). Let’s discuss some of the leading companies that have been successful in delivering items through drone technology.

1. Zipline

Zipline is an American company that introduced its electric drones in 2014 for the delivery of medical products such as vaccines, frozen plasma, medicines, platelets, prescription as well as blood, wherever required. Apart from medical supplies, it has made the delivery of restaurant meals and grocery items way easier. Every Zipline flight is monitored and controlled by the remote pilots who work at the distribution centers. The company's drone can carry 7 pounds of goods at a speed of up to 70 miles per hour. One interesting feature of Zipline’s drones is that they are eco-friendly i.e. cause 97% lesser emission than land vehicles. The company has successfully provided services within 80 km of reach, even in highland areas or where the weather is extreme. 

2. Wing

Wing is another company owned by Alphabet Inc. which is providing autonomous drone delivery services in three continents. You can get food, medicines, household items goods and small packages delivered right at your doorsteps by simply placing an order through their app called OpenSky. Wing guarantees safe, efficient and faster delivery and has carried out 100,000 tests before being fully operational. The company's drone picks the order from the relevant location and flies up to 45 meters above the land, dropping the parcel at the customer's destination within a few minutes. These air vehicles have a weight limit of 1.2 kg and can withstand rain and strong wind.

3. Flytrex

Flytrex delivers high sky and contactless service almost instantaneously (within 5 minutes) by dropping the package in your backyard. The company has made its name in the industry by delivering more than 85000 products. Each delivery has a direct operating cost of around $13.50. Eatables, grocery and retail items including popcorn, cookies, burgers, sandwiches, toothpaste, and coffee were delivered in Texas and many parts of North Carolina, especially during the pandemic. Flytrex has teamed up with major companies such as Walmart, Skyway Technologies and Papa Johns and its drone can carry a maximum weight of 3.3 kgs.

Drones have stirred up competition among world’s largest e-commerce companies and will be the future of logistics. This new method will not just maximize productivity and provide ease to customers, but will also reduce pollution.


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