A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Steps that must be followed for business growth and innovation

Businesses cannot achieve success in a day or two. Proper planning, hard work, rationality, and execution is needed in order to climb up the ladder of success. Growth and innovation are not just about nipping your competitors and adopting an aggressive approach. You have to think beyond that and be willing to adapt to changes. Idea generation, employee involvement and engagement as well as listening to your customers are equally important in this regard. With openness and creativity, you can survive and flourish in the world of competition. Let’s look into the different tips and tricks that can prevent your business from downfall and help it to grow exponentially.

1. Promote an innovative business culture

Every organization must give their employees the opportunity to engage in business discussion, give input and present their ideas. Treating them as your asset will give rise to a healthy business culture which will make them feel welcomed, trusted and needed. Leadership values also play a crucial role here to encourage and support employees to give their opinion on business decisions.

2. Identification of challenges and gathering ideas

Initially you have to identify a challenge for the business and then gather ideas to deal with it. Some challenges that you might face can be; unfulfilled customer needs, introducing a new product or a technology, shortage in production, price and promotion issues, managing budget etc. Organizations can collect ideas by having input from your team or employees. You can hang a board in a cafĂ© and mention a monthly or weekly challenge for employees and ask them how they should tackle the problem. Other than that, a small session can be conducted or an idea box can be used so that they can brainstorm and express their unique ideas to solve the issue. Externally, you can focus on customer feedback or set up an advisory board. Once this is done, you can then select the most promising and compelling ideas through voting. Further exploration can be done by working on the feasibility and predicting the profitability of the proposed idea through visual charts.

3. Seek Validation and then implement and execute

If a company works on the idea of introducing a new digital service, you can have a discussion with your team to seek validation and decide who your target customers will be. A detailed discussion on value proposition, market potential, and design etc. should be done before the proper implementation of the plan. Once the idea is finalized, you can introduce a sample or a prototype for initial testing and make agile improvements by taking feedback from all the stakeholders. Your innovation will be useless if it does not satisfy your customer needs. You might not achieve the desired results immediately but you must reward the individuals for their creativity and if they are able to produce fruitful results.

With farsightedness, teamwork and agility, businesses can innovate and grow. However, focusing on competitors and their next move is also important.


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