A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Top 5 gadgets that will change the future

Technology has casted an everlasting shadow over us and we do not see a stop on the road towards innovations. On a yearly basis, tech companies unveil their new gadgets and amazing inventions in an event in Las Vegas with the aim of revolutionizing our future. Let’s see the mind-blowing technologies that are coming or have been introduced by these mastermind companies in this Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

1. The Flying Car 

You must have seen a flying car in Harry Potter's movie in which Harry and Ron fly all the way to Hogwarts. This dream of kids has now turned into reality. ASKA, a Californian company introduced its first 5-seater flying car called the AS5 or the Airborne. The car has an electric vertical takeoff and landing feature. You can drive it on roads and also take a flight through the sky. You will be able to charge it just like other electric vehicles. Also, its large wings are designed to save fuel and to assist in gliding. This unique car will soon be certified and it is expected to come on the market by 2026. 

2. The New Citizen CZ Smart watch

CZ Smartwatch is a new wearable device introduced by the innovative and high-performance watchmaking company Citizen after collaborating with NASA. This watch provides the wearer with real time feedback regarding their health and wellbeing. The YouQ software monitors a person's daily sleep and fatigue patterns, activity, heart rate and alerts them about their health or activeness through summarized data and visual charts. It’s a great tool for you to adopt better habits and serves as a reminder that physical health comes first.

3. Folding Tablets

The latest tablet or the smart mobile device of Samsung made its first public appearance in the CES this year. The device called Flex Hybrid OLED has both the foldable and sliding feature. You can unslide the tablet if you want a large screen to comfortably watch a movie or play a game and also unfold it to have a tablet-like experience. It has a 10.5 inches screen which can expand to 12.4 inches. However, Samsung has just revealed its prototype and it will take a few years to reach the masses.

4. 3D Experience without the need for glasses

You can now have an immersive 3D experience on Vivobook laptop which has the ASUS spatial vision technology. The eye tracking systems, lenticular lenses and OLED shows realistic 3D images to the users. For each eye, the laptop displays separate images. It adjusts itself to the person's head and eye position, eliminating the need for special 3D glasses. Certainly, this gadget goes beyond the extraordinary to deliver entertaining and visually appealing experiences to the customer.

5. The Premiere 8K projector

Recently, Samsung revealed its new 8K resolution projector called The Premiere. The projector is a small box shaped gadget which can be kept on a table near the wall. For the purpose of lighting and sound effects, the projector has built in speakers along with Dolby Atmos. Diagonally, it can produce an image of 150 inches using high quality lenses and video processing technology. It also offers the Smart TV features. However, with so many features and exceptional quality, it is anticipated that the price will be high too.

These compelling gadgets are all set to provide us an out of the world experience. Tech enthusiasts are already eager to get hands on to these devices which offer them seamless features, entertainment and ease of use. Certainly, the future will surprise us with more such jaw dropping technologies.


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