A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Monday, July 24, 2023

The Uses of Metaverse Technology

The future is right before us!

In a few years of time, a bunch of new and exciting technologies have emerged and altered our lives dramatically. One among those is Metaverse which is overwhelming the tech lovers, taking their experience to a next level. The point of distinction that existed between the real world and the digital world has become indistinct since the day Metaverse has dawned. People can make use of the digitized content, experience a virtually immersive world and also interact with one another. In this post, we will discuss the prime applications of metaverse and see how it is helping businesses to move forward by making their tasks hassle-free and unstoppable, even when onsite work is impossible. 

Training the workforce for practical knowledge

During the pandemic that caused unsettling tension around the world, many businesses came up with the idea of training and educating their staff virtually. Metaverse became very useful for them at that time and encouraged remote work by offering training much like the physical work space. Employees can learn and grasp new skills in a highly interactive, engaging and an immersive environment, remotely. They can practice recurring and real-life situations in a safe and smoothly administered way. Such training is of great help in the healthcare, manufacturing and aviation niche where precision is crucial.

Real Estate Management

Metaverse is the best solution for those who want to engage in the buying, selling or investment of property. In the hard times (i.e. Covid) many people were unable to visit, buy, rent, or sell land or property. But with metaverse, individuals and companies were able to work jointly with one another through virtual co working space. Property agents saw that as an opportunity to market their properties by presenting a virtually realistic 3D view of the space to those who wanted to purchase or were looking for rented property. This gave them a 360 view and all the details of the area without them being physically present at the location.

Online Promotion and Marketing

Ad blockers have become a major hurdle in capturing the attention of the target audience. However, Metaverse allows you to promote your products and services and reach out to them in a unique manner. Brands that are selling apparel and accessories can create a virtual 3D store for online shoppers so that they can try outfits, buy items and delve in an immersive world. Similarly, those who are interested in buying a vehicle can visit virtual car show rooms and explore new features without physically stepping in a real car. This way of advertising also allows marketers to gain new customers that prefer convenience. 

Metaverse is reaching sky rocketing heights, allowing people to attend digital conferences, visit virtual shops or showrooms and even reach out to their doctors for consultation in an utterly immersive way. The uses of metaverse are diverse, but it is upon businesses how well they make use of this technology.



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