A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Friday, July 7, 2023

Top 3 Augmented Reality Apps for Shopping

Nowadays, consumers are techy and want to keep themselves up to date with the latest gadgets and technologies. Likewise, they have been curious to learn about the much-awaited Augmented Reality Apps. Marketers know their customers’ psyche well so they are unfailingly surprising them by using AR technology, both online (through their websites) and in their stores.

We all are well aware that AR refers to the placement of 3D visuals in our real world to make our experiences more interactive and realistic. It has been widely used in the gaming industry but now it is making your shopping experience worthwhile too. There is no need to go to the try room and don the clothes over and over again. Through this technology you can have a look at yourself from head to toe and see whether a shirt suits you or not. You can even check if a chesterfield perfectly fits in your living room. Let’s have a look at some AR apps and see how some of the prominent brands are incorporating this technology.

1. IKEA Place

The Swedish furniture company IKEA is known for its exquisite quality and minimalistic designs. IKEA Place offers AR apps for interior and home d├ęcor. Shoppers whether they are Android or iPhone users can check and place the products at their homes, prior to buying and without worrying about its assembly. This app gives you a wall to wall view and includes the entire floor plan of your home, so that you can check which thing suits or fits where. This app offers a number of features including color, size and drag and drop option, making your experience more engaging, just like that of a physical IKEA store.

2. Walmart

Walmart, the multinational retail corporation has implemented AR technology as its chief strategy to attract customers. The company recently purchased Zeekit which is a virtual try room to change and try outfits. They can even ask for suggestions by sharing their snaps or videos with their dear ones. Their new app called the "Me@Walmart" has amazing Augmented Reality features which reduce the time for retrieving products from the warehouse. This associate app allows their employees to check which items are currently in stock for sale. Walmart has given 740,000 new smart phones to their workers for this purpose.

3. Sephora Virtual Artist

Sephora Virtual Artist app allows customers to try and get a virtual makeover. They also provide you a customized and step by step guide according to your facial tone and features. The app detects an individual's face including the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips, jawline and forehead. Customers can even get a makeup look that matches with their outfit and later share it with their friends. 

There are tons of other companies and apps that are incorporating AR technology to provide customers a multidimensional way to interact with a brand, enhancing their shopping experience.


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