A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Friday, June 16, 2023

Best Business Intelligence Tools

There are a number of Business Intelligence tools that can be used in this era in order to make data driven decisions. However, we will be discussing the pros and cons, pricing, and features that will help you choose something that fits your needs. This article shares the business intelligence applications to include on your shortlist of analytical tools and describe web-based reporting tools to assist you in determining what reporting software you require.

1.      Zoho Analytics (BI tool for small companies)

Given its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and reasonable pricing for a limited number of users, Zoho Analytics is an excellent business intelligence tool for small businesses. To analyze the visualized data, you can use this tool to pull data from a variety of sources and create clear, useful reports. The artificial intelligence "AI" assistant "Zia" will respond to inquiries entering a query box by using the data gathered along with machine learning and natural language processing tools. Zoho Analytics has a free 15-day trial and prices start from $24/month for 2 users.

2.      Click Up (Best for BI tools integrations)

Powerful project management tool ClickUp can extract a ton of data from the program and display it in the form of stunning graphs. Although not by definition a BI tool, it can undoubtedly help you make better decisions. ClickUp itself has acknowledged that its current product cannot compete with BI tools. They have a Tableau integration because of this. Through this integration, Tableau will be able to take a screenshot of one of your ClickUp spaces and combine it with the rest of your company's data on their end. Unlimited users can use Clickup for free but it has a small amount of storage. Also, paid plans come with a free trial and start from $5 per user per month.

3.      NetSuite (Best customizable BI software)

A cloud-based BI ERP business software solution is NetSuite. To provide a full range of BI functions, the tool combines financial data with dashboards, reporting features, predictive analytics, and other features. When certain services are purchased, users of NetSuite can automatically create new projects and track the percentage of completion, time budget, and amount of time spent on project tasks. Business users can analyze employee workloads and efficiency using reports on utilization and backlog.

Numerous project types, automated job creation, the project center, timesheets, mobile time and expense, performance measurement, and project tracking reports are additional crucial features. On request, NetSuite pricing is provided.

4.      Datapine (Best BI dashboards)

Because it combines straightforward, intuitive usability with powerful analytics capabilities, Datapine is a fantastic business intelligence tool. Business users and data analysts can both generate useful business insights and make well-informed data-driven decisions with the help of the self-service BI solution. The complete BI Suite, Datapine, provides all the features you'll need for your analytics journey. First off, it only takes a few clicks to connect practically any type of data source (such as databases, flat files, CRM and ERP systems, marketing, social media, or help desk data, etc.). To speed up querying, you can opportunistically store connected data in their high-speed data warehouse. The core of the product, where data analysis and visualizations are carried out, is shown in the analyzer section in the screenshot above. Datapine offers a limitless 14-day free trial with custom pricing that starts from $250 per account.

5.      Domo (Best for sharing analytics with external vendor portals)

You can create unique workflow apps and gather data from various sources using the Domo Business Cloud platform. Dashboards, reporting, machine learning, predictive analytics, and external self-service reporting are some of their features. The emphasis Domo gives to your relationships with vendors and other external stakeholders is praise worthy. Domo Everywhere is a feature that enables you to create portals for your third-party partners. They can therefore independently analyze the data you choose to share with them and draw their own conclusions.

Additionally, the independent widgets that make up the data visualization boards can be easily edited, filtered, and resized. Finally, irrespective of the account (Domo or not Domo), the platform enables you to set permissions on both internal and external users. Through their 1000+ pre-built connectors, which include Shopify, Salesforce, Amazon S3, Adobe Analytics, SharePoint, and Survey Monkey, Domo integrates with external data sources. A free trial of Domo is offered, and cost estimates are available upon request.

With the help of the above-mentioned information, companies can determine which software might be most suitable for their company. The report generation software can help you improve your marketing efforts. Make sure you have the resources necessary to support these initiatives so that you can continuously expand your business operations based on pertinent real-world data for both you and your clients.


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