A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Benefits of E-Marketing

We are living in a time where businesses cannot survive without the internet facility or online platforms. In order to direct traffic towards their business and promote products or services to the relevant customers, companies have to use e marketing techniques, unavoidably. E-marketing has become an invaluable and a sophisticated source to further polish their brand image. It has already overtaken the traditional marketing tools that comprises billboard, television, print ads, newspaper or radio etc. Apart from being cost effective there are several over benefits of web marketing that will be discussed in this blog.

The bright side 

Every move that companies make are based on what their customers want. Likewise, people have become much acquainted and habitual to social media and mobiles, scrolling and searching for products so marketers have to promote their products through these platforms to get their attention. Even startups can gain global recognition or vie in the international market. We all know about Amazon, Ebay and Ali Baba who are prosperous because of global accessibility and e marketing strategies. They do not have to fret about their marketing campaigns, nor there is a need to spend a hefty sum of money on television, magazine, billboards or newspaper ads. All that they need is a reliable device with internet connection and platforms to engage with the target market.

Moreover, there are no time restrictions as you can post unlimited ads 24/7 without worrying about special occasions, holidays or off days. For customers there is ease and convenience as they can visit your website anytime for online purchase, making it profitable for the company and increasing their sales. The risk involved in this type of marketing is very low, since the operational cost of such stores is very less as compared to the brick and mortar stores. The internet allows you to analyze your consumer preferences and needs. There are some common questions that customers ask and have to be addressed by the customer care representative on time, since it results in customer delight and satisfaction. For example, when all the relevant details such as size chart, delivery time, exchange and return policy for brands selling apparel are mentioned on the website, companies do not have to hire more customer sales representatives.

The growing use of chatbots and automation have made e marketing processes quicker. Brands are very much concerned about their products being noticed and seen by the customers, e marketing has cornered their worries as their products get more exposure and recognition which in turn can lead to more sales. Also, the interaction between brand and customer has been more personalized. For example, based on the personal data that they submit, you can send them emails according to their names. Even data collection, analysis, evaluation or performance monitoring has become a cinch which if done through traditional ways would be time consuming and expensive.

E marketing has almost eliminated the need for posters, television, print and radio ads. A few years down the road, digitalization will completely change marketing modes and traditional marketing ways will be long forgotten.

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