A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Friday, June 2, 2023

How to improve your brand awareness?

A strong brand always stays at the top of the customers minds whenever they make a purchase decision. Brand recognition and awareness depends on how quickly people are able to discern your brand through the logo, jingle, advertising campaigns, product packaging or the tagline. Sometimes bombardment of advertisements is fruitful but mostly it puts your audience off or irritates them, so make sure you use this technique wisely. For example, the name Coca Cola has been deeply and subtly inculcated in people’s minds through television, billboards, kiosks, social media and various other platforms. Whenever, there is a talk about drinkables, the first thing that hits them is “Coke” which is one of the reasons why its name is so popular across every continent and country. Similarly, Nestle remains indomitable in the food and beverages industry. Let’s discuss what tactics companies can use to be successful and how they can remind their target audience that they exist.

1. Brand Building

Companies have to be crystal clear about what they are trying to deliver and represent through their brand. The tone and style (informal, friendly, cheeky etc.) you use on various channels and platforms really matters since it depicts your brand voice. Aesthetics and visuals (font or color) leave a long-lasting impact on customers. Take the example of McDonalds which uses a vivid combination of yellow and red. With a simple logo and a tagline, "I'm lovin’ It" people can quickly and easily recognize and distinguish the brand from its competitors. Moreover, people prefer brands whose values are in line with their own beliefs, make sure you keep these aspects in mind which subtly affects your target market.

2. Freebie

When you introduce a new product or service, it’s good to offer freebies to people or potential customers in the form of a free trial or sample. This allows customers to interact with the brand, get updates and information regarding new features, and develop a sense of excitement which can lead to a positive word of mouth. It not just improves brand association but people may also end up buying your products. Take the example of Sapphire which offers free trials for its entire range of cosmetics and people end up buying a bunch of their products. 

3. Social Media

Billboards and television commercials have become old school and they are not as effective as social media. Brands can reach out to a larger audience by advertising and promoting themselves via online platforms. It helps to build strong company consumer ties and establishes trust and loyalty. Brands can market their products through influencers or experts who have a plethora of followers. In this way people become aware of your brand and would give your products a try.

4. Events

Sponsorships help companies to improve and build relationships within a community. People recognize a brand on the basis of the type of events which that company sponsors. Your primary focus should be on how your target audience will perceive and connect you with that event. Such events include webinars, arts, sports, or charitable ones. The people in the event can be your potential customers and might advocate your company. 

There are several other techniques like referral programs that brands can use in order to increase their presence and visibility. However, the best way for new businesses who are striving to improve their brand awareness is to follow the footsteps of leading brands who are market leaders.   


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