A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Monday, June 12, 2023

Why are Tech Blogs Important for Tech Businesses?

The only constant is change

There is always room for upgradation in the tech industry. With time, prior technologies become outmoded and obsolete which means their replacement is necessary. In a world where technology rules, inevitably, companies have to keep themselves up to date so they are not left behind in competition. According to a study, each week around 60% of individuals skim through different blogs. Thus, technology blogs keep them in the loop by providing them information related to the most recent occurrences. For example, it enhances our knowledge by providing information related to the newest gadgets, upcoming technologies or product development etc. Below are some of the benefits of technology blogs.

1. Provides objective product reviews

With the help of technology blogs customers are able to make informed decisions when choosing between products which are available in the market for purchase. The unbiased nature of some blogs provides people with authentic information and product reviews, highlighting their benefits (quality, price, features) and disadvantages in detail. It also provides answers to their queries i.e. proper usage of product. Since there are a lot of products, models and brands which are continuously being launched in the market, it’s difficult to decide which is the best but reliable sites make all this easy for you.

2. Helps in marketing products

Blogs provide a platform to businesses through which they can promote their products or brand and reach out to their potential clients. A large amount of website traffic is generated when your target audience views your products, reads the blogs or when you put your ads. Search engine optimization tools and techniques are a major facilitator here as potential clients can find you easily on Google. Companies can also increase their brand engagement by posting them on various platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

3. Builds audience trust

The content of a blog is a great way to show your company's professionalism. Your existing and potential customers can learn about your values and expertise. The use of digital marketing strategies plays a crucial role here i.e. using multiple channels to reach different demographic segments, adding personalization and evince empathy through your content. This helps to gain their trust and leads to retention.

Both tech startups and well-established businesses can use blogging for the purpose of marketing, to communicate with their audience, inform them about critical changes that take place with time and also to increase their brand awareness.


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