A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Why Multichannel Marketing is important for businesses?

Companies have to trail behind their customers all the time in order to win their hearts and successfully sell their products and services. For this, they must use a multichannel marketing approach to communicate with them. With time and rapid advancement in technology, more and more marketing channels have been added to the list. Consumers’ needs and preferences have changed, and they are shifting towards online buying. Thus, as a marketer you have to choose the channel which they like and prefer. In this article we will be discussing the major benefits of multichannel marketing but firstly you should get acquainted with this term. 

What is multichannel marketing?

This term is quite self-explanatory, multichannel marketing refers to the brand’s interaction with the target audience or the existing customers through different platforms, mediums or devices. Through this method, you can engage with your customers with different demographic backgrounds, using slogans and advertisements that best suit them. 

Want to hit the jackpot?

The art of effective marketing lies in being attentive and responsive to consumer requirements and needs and delivering services in the right manner and at the perfect time and place. The relevance, authenticity and the trustworthiness of your ad campaigns counts the most for your target market. A study has revealed that 74% companies were able to boost their sales by implementing multichannel marketing techniques.

Spending a huge sum of money on quality content and then spreading it via a website is not enough. You must make it visible in the eyes of your customers through other mediums and channels including emails, SMS, WOM, social networks, billboards, television, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even through stores. Consider the example of Apple that reaches out to their audience via their brick and mortar store i.e. Apple Store. Here customers can preview their products, making their experience more enjoyable and providing them top notch services. Later, they can buy the same product online if they wish to.

Customer knowledge can be enhanced in this way and simultaneously the way they interact with your brand enables you to provide them a personalized experience. Moreover, higher revenues can be generated through impulse buying as consumers are sometimes inclined towards products they see either on shelves or come in their product recommendation list while they scroll on their phones. This spontaneous purchase can in turn lead to upselling or cross selling success for companies. 

Multichannel marketing is the best strategy to nurture and build relationships with your customers and gain more access to customer data. This trend will grow more in the coming years so companies must tread in that direction to drive away the competitors.


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