A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013
A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Book by Saifullah Shafiq

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Content marketing for IT companies

To succeed in the digital age, IT companies must engage in content marketing. Content may help IT companies better explain their goods and services. Good content that is widely shared can boost your brand's authority, increase the number of leads entering the sales funnel, and improve your ranking on search engines. The six basic methods for developing a content marketing strategy for technology are listed and discussed below:

1.      Create an innovative brand voice

Companies can use brand personas to alter their voice in the same way that they use buyer personas to better understand their target for marketing and sales initiatives. The personification of a company's products and values is known as a brand persona. It is a fictional being with its own language, preferences, and hobbies.

2.      Close the gap between technology and people

When choosing your brand persona, there is a very fine line you must be aware of. Many CMOs in this field focus too much on the technological side and lose sight of the intended audience for these developments. If technological advancement does not benefit humans, it is useless. Yes, the specs and technical accomplishments still need to be the main focus of your material. However, the focus should be on how those advancements will affect our daily lives. Investing in storytelling is a terrific way to get started in the right direction. The ability to use relatable anecdotes in marketing materials can bring the reader and the topic closer together and humanize an otherwise impersonal language.

3.      Be Sociable

When planning content marketing, it's interesting to keep in mind that it's not only about the content you provide. information also depends on how you convey information and direct the conversation that follows. If people are at the core of the strategy, there can be no barriers between the brand and the audience. This is a continuation from the previous topic. As a result, be sure to strengthen your social media presence as well. Participate in community discussions and respond to inquiries about topics that the company dominates. Also, ask questions. Encourage the target market to participate in the brand's life. This common interaction will not only increase awareness of your company and its goods and services but also imprint your name in their memories.

4.      Invest in multimedia content

To be everywhere online, your material must be modified for each platform. An editorial calendar should account for various information types (based on conversion stages) and format types (based on display locations). Consider the top social media platforms currently in use: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. If engagement is your top priority, each of them needs quite specific kinds of material. Therefore, don't skimp on diversity. Create interactive material, eBooks, movies, photos, and blog articles. Repurposing themes and information into multiple parts to reach more people is a terrific tip. Finding the marketing channels that your buyer persona uses the most and focusing on them is another smart move.

5.      Elaborate a mix of topical and evergreen content

Technology is constantly evolving, which can be problematic for a marketing team if their material is not well planned. The issue is that tech news changes quickly. After a while, no content regarding a dated product or service receives significantly more views due to lack of interest. Therefore, a technology corporation should combine both novel ideas and timeless concepts. You can devote more time to in-depth discussions of ideas and theories and provide more content regarding the effects of new developments on society and culture. On this method, you gain the peak of views from innovations while also laying the groundwork for a long tail plan on your blog and social media profiles.

6.      Go into the subjects that matter

One further thing distinguishes a technology marketing strategy from those in other industries: tech fans are knowledgeable. It is always crucial to produce content that draws in and engages a larger audience, but your content needs special consideration. Conceptual and technical errors will be highlighted and exploited against you. Therefore, it is best to spend more time with this type of media.

All in all, content marketing has become an essential part of tech companies in order to reach out larger audience.

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